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About Us

Bookgini began with a vision to make self publishing free and accessible to everyone. We believe that writers who want to tell their story should have the opportunity and means to do so.

Our commitment to that vision is best expressed by our guiding principles: accessibility; freedom; and duty. Since then, we have been leading the charge to liberate publishing from the shackles of the industry giants who make big profits selling publishing packages (giving authors little to middling percentages of what their works are truly worth).

Bookgini believes that self publishing should be easy and inexpensive. By offering accessibility and independence, we are opening a way for creativity and passion to blossom. To spark that creativity, we champion freedom of expression and intellectual property rights, giving the passion for storytelling and communicating ideas with the means to reach readers everywhere, that perfect balance. How? By making it our duty to provide writers with the digital self publishing platform that sees to their needs.

We make self publishing straightforward and affordable for both novice writers to published authors. Our model, “Order as You Go” gives you the flexibility you need as a writer. No salesman to pressure-sell you on extras nor anything else you don’t need. Just tell us what you need and the Bookgini platform will tell you how much it will cost. Straightforward. Simple. From ISBN and copyright registration, to cover design and Editing, we have all your needs covered.

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Bookgini Features

  • Simple and Secure

  • Very Affordable (less than $100)

  • Assisted Publishing

  • Real time support through our Toll Free 888-323-7009

  • Get an assigned Author assistant

  • Active community